SET is an automatic trading system that securely trades EUR/USD on Forex. SET analyzes market trends and executes trades accordingly. Where SET truly has an advantage can be seen in its ability to watch market fluctuations and counteract the fluctuations with the skill of an advanced Forex trader. And not only does the SET make trading simple for new traders as well as experienced traders, it trades for you day and night. SET is a 24 hour trading system that trades proficiently without ceasing.


The SET trading system trades 24 hours a day with the skills of an advanced Forex trader. SET watches for high probability trades analyzing and executing trades without a trader’s worst enemy (emotion). SET watches 4 different time frames calculating simultaneously the most beneficial trades to make. While watching trades SET looks for high probability trades in long and short positions. SET keeps in mind current market trends and economic fluctuations. The SET trading system uses 2 robots to trade and a third solely watches and checks trades to make sure the 2 robots trading are accurate. This advanced strategy makes SET a cutting edge technology that outdoes other currency trading robots.

All parameters are set, all you have to do is sit back and relax. The software makes trades completely on autopilot. It does this by selling and buying EUR/USD. It makes very good predictions on the market trend when all conditions that are pre-programmed are met.

The SET system has been designed in such ways that even a new user who doesn’t have experience or knowledge of Forex trading can use this software with ease.


You need a minimum investment of $2000 and a metatrader account. We will help with the application and setting up of the metatrader account. We then install that account onto the server with the SetBot system giving you your own login and password to gain access to your account on the SetBot system.

Your money always stays with your metatrader account in your name with the brokerage firm. Your account is login protected. We only provide the service of the robots on our server. We have no access to your money.

You can contact us with problems; we can then login with restricted access and change or fix your settings as well as doing maintenance. We give you the ideal parameters to use, as a cautious trader we make sure the risks are low, for the bolder trader the risk ratio can be increased.


SET takes the knowledge and sophistication of a pro day trader, combines it with the power of statistics, and puts it into the hands of the public for the first time. Anyone can benefit from using SET as you need no knowledge of currency trading.

It is super simple to use and there is no software to download. The robot operates remotely on our servers, and watches the market in real time. In fact, users can query the robot in real time and find out the exact stats for all currency the robot trades – win amounts, loss amounts, number of trades and more – all based on the robot’s live trades. Because the robot operates from our server your computer doesn’t need to be on to operate the software. You can login to your account on our server and then switch off your pc once you’re done.

The forex robot trades your account on the MetaTrader (MT4) platform while the market is open using highly sophisticated, short-term algorithm’s (or Expert Advisors – EA’s) designed by a professional forex trader.

The SET trading system uses 2 robots to trade and a third solely watches and checks trades to make sure the 2 robots trading are accurate. That means you have 3 robots continuously monitoring your trades. This advanced strategy makes SET a cutting edge technology that can out do other currency trading robots.

SET has the ability to predict the future trends, i.e. in which direction the market will move in the coming two to four hours. The robot runs mechanically and adapts to changes in the market including the type of market conditions the economy is undergoing. It makes use of RCTPA (Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis) technology to predict the near future with 98.4% accuracy. It also makes use of the latest state of the art built-in Artificial Intelligence Technology and next generation Market Timing in predicting the future trends.


Constant Operation
Trades and manages your account on the MetaTrader platform 24 hours a day. This constant trading is done automatically for you with the use of 3 robots continuously watching and analyzing the market trends to accurately trade at long and short positions.

Short-term Trading Program
SETis designed to look for short-term opportunities across the EUR/USD during each trading day. SET does not miss out on any trading opportunities.

Advanced Trading Program
Uses highly advanced trading algorithms, also known as Expert Advisors or EA’s.

Low minimum investment
$500 is the minimum investment for the Forex Robot program.

Created by Professional Forex Money Manager
SET was designed by a highly-experienced trader with years of successful trading experience under his belt.

Tool for Increased Diversification
SET is a way for traders to diversify their trading capital and for investors to diversify away from economically sensitive investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate.

Constant Monitoring
SET is constantly monitored and optimized by the professional that designed it.

Remove Emotions of Fear, Greed, and Worry
SET system eliminates the possibility of emotional reactions and their effects because it works automatically based on logic and strategy and there is no place for decisions based on emotions. Thus, it offers a great advantage over a human trader that can lose money due to emotional decisions.